Sunday, August 11, 2013

Formatting Ready to Begin!

Just dotted my last "i" and crossed my last "t" this afternoon, and decided to celebrate by making a new cover image. It's a lot the same as the original cover image for O Fortuna, but the title has changed, and I know my way around my graphics program a lot better than I did in Y2K. I was able to enhance the scanned file of the original sketch so it looks a bit less misty. Voila!

My sister created this picture for me back in 1984 or 5, if I recall correctly, and it has traveled with me ever since. There are things I really love about it, like, the expressions on the two young lovers' faces. My sister always said that she thought poor Neal came out looking rather like a Gothic Heroine, but I suppose it's right that there should be something of that about him.The innocence and ardor of first love. That sort of thing. The scene represented by the image comes hard on the heels of the two young men becoming lovers, so of course it stands to reason that they might both be a bit starry-eyed.

Well, it ought to do nicely for a cover image for the Kindle version, at any rate.

Since I really can't draw myself, I'm really glad that I persuaded my sister to do this back in Days of Yore.

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