Saturday, September 27, 2014

Formatting Woes Fixed!

Of course, I f*cked up the formatting. Of course! Damned "en dash" or "em dash" -- whatever -- will NOT come out properly. Instead of said dash, everywhere I had one entered, lo and behold, it read 3/4. Why???? Substituted "space hyphen space" and got something readable that doesn't look exactly like what I wanted visually, but it will do. Hopefully, it will not be anywhere near as annoying to my readers as having 3/4 appear in umpteen random places in the manuscript!

So, the revised edition is currently being uploaded and reviewed, and should be available in a few hours. You can find it here, on Amazon, but maybe it would be best to wait until tomorrow morning to purchase it, if indeed you feel so inclined.

In the meantime, here's a copy of the original drawing done for the cover of the book. I like black and white covers, but there is still something awfully nice about the color version of this portrait.

Friday, September 26, 2014


...I am in the home stretch on my Kindle project!

Like Leaves, We Touch, Book I: O Fortuna will soon be available on Amazon, in Kindle format only, for the time being.

This is a revised and expanded edition of O Fortuna, which was published in print-on-demand format, via iUniverse in 2000. It's still out there, as is the sequel, To Walk in Newness of Life (published in 2001). When I figure out how to go about it, I will most likely discontinue these editions. The sequel is really going to need a serious reconstruction in order to be properly paired with the new edition of O Fortuna!

What I did not know was that I cannot "preview" a book after clicking "publish," and to have access to the book on Amazon, it must be "reviewed" first. Oops. We live and learn, do we not? Hopefully it will be available for my perusal sometime tomorrow. If all is well, I'll post the link here. If I f*cked up, I'll be taking a wee trip "back to the drawing board," as they say, and there will be a delay of a couple of days, maybe, until the book is available for purchase/download.

List price is going to be $7.99. Not bad, eh, considering how many years of my life I have been wrestling with this book in one form or other?

Egad! If I penned my first bits in 1984, that means...egad! 30 years ago! 30 YEARS!!!!!

Well, at least now I truly believe it is the best it could possibly be.

Now, onward to Book 2, and then to Book 3, which is done but has yet to see the light of day...