Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hello, there, and welcome!

I am Jehan St. Marc, author of O Fortuna and To Walk in Newness of Life.

I was never completely happy with the finished books, and am now intending to re-visit them for electronic publication. Since someone (not me) decided to format both books for the Amazon Kindle reader without my knowledge or consent, I will be deciding upon a name for the series, and calling each volume within this series I, II, III, etc.

Readers will hopefully soon have a choice between purchasing a Kindle book from Amazon, or a printable PDF file directly from me. Details will be posted here as they become available, but first things first.

The re-write is well underway on O Fortuna, but it will be awhile before it's actually done. And let's begin calling it by its new name: Like Leaves, We Touch, Book I.

In-progress excerpts may be found here. Comments or questions? At the end of each excerpt, there is a link to contact me, and I welcome those questions and comments.

It's hard to classify these books within any particular genre, so I'll try for a description: gay literary fiction with more than a touch of romance, spirituality, and classical music geekery. (I mean, where else in fiction would one find a reference to a Heckelphone?) There is also a lot of stuff dealing with obstacles and challenges, and how one makes something good out of a bad situation. My lead character has a physical disability/challenge, and it has defined his life, his boundaries, his interactions with people, etc., etc. It's basically a tangible, visible metaphor for how I was treated, growing up with asthma, and how it affected my daily life, and how, in order to overcome, one pushes the limits hard to see just how far s/he can go before some unpleasant consequence pushes us back into our boxes and slams the lid down tight.

Do we stop trying to pop the lid off the box? Hell, no, and many times we not only pop the lid off the box; we leap out of the box and try to run.

Ultimately, I guess my stories are about just how far one can run, and just how determined one is to do it, and stay on that path.

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