Thursday, January 28, 2016

Memoir of a Death Angel

Here is a fascinating read for all you spiritual/spooky-minded folks. Check it out!

Anagnost delves into Greek Orthodoxy and mysticism with such depth. The story is vivid and exciting, and paints pictures and action like scenes from a film in the reader's head. One can really see/hear situations as they unfold. There is such a beautiful poignancy to Persephone's relationship with Yiayia Friday. Persephone's visits with the priests are so evocative, and in particular, I was delighted by Brother Bartholomew, whose sole function is to curse things that go wrong. He is quite inventive, and so extreme as to be humorous at times.

This really is a book like no other, and one I will re-read over the years. I expect I will uncover new treasures each time.

Memoir of a Death Angel, by Aphrodite Anagnost

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